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Experienced in navigating the appeals process

Appellate Law in Indiana

A trial isn’t always the end of a case. Whether we are assisting a current client with an appeal of their case, assisting a new client with an unfavorable ruling from the trial court, or defending the actions of the trial court on behalf of a client, the appellate attorneys at Burt Blee have a passion for the law and its development.

Burt Blee’s attorneys are able to offer a critical analysis of our clients’ cases and have the knowledge of the appellate process and applicable standards to represent clients seeking review of a state, federal or administrative ruling. Because of this, we have represented clients in cases that have impacted the law in the State of Indiana, and have even had the opportunity to create the law.

  • Administrative Appeals
  • Federal Court Appeals
  • State Court Appeals
  • Tax Court Appeals

Appellate Law Attorneys:

Jeremy J. Grogg
Lindsay H. Lepley
Shane C. Mulholland