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Settling disputes without litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Indiana

The attorneys at Burt Blee assist clients in settling personal and business disputes without litigation through various methods of arbitration, mediation and negotiation. When a contract calls for the arbitration of a dispute, Burt Blee’s attorneys assist clients in streamlining proceedings and coming up with solutions to joint problems.

To that end, Burt Blee also provides mediation services to assist outside parties in crafting solutions that ultimately avoid long, heated disputes, and sometimes preserve or even enhance existing relationships. Our trained mediators offer neutral alternatives to disputes while encouraging a resolution that is satisfactory to both sides.

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation

Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys:

Jeffrey A. Clark
Jeremy J. Grogg
Lindsay H. Lepley
James P. McCanna
Shane C. Mulholland