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Family Law

Change to Child Support and Emancipation in Indiana

This year, the Indiana State Legislature passed a new law which significantly impacts the rules surrounding emancipation and child support for a child who has reached the age of majority. Specifically, Indiana Code §31-16-6-6 has been modified to afford parents the ability to petition a court for child support to continue beyond the age of 19, which was the prior cut-off age for parental child support obligations.


In order to qualify, the child must be a full-time student in a secondary school, and the parent must petition for child support to continue until the child’s graduation from secondary school. The petition must be filed between the child’s 17th and 19th birthday. The petition must include proof of the child’s enrollment and the child’s expected graduation date. If a party entitled to notice of the petition does not file an objection within 30 days, the court may grant the petition without a hearing.


This significant change may be difficult to navigate, but the attorneys at Burt Blee are ready to assist you with any family law matters you may encounter.